About TAY Test Engineering Solutions


Tay Test Engineering Solutions is one of the leading distributors of Electrical, Medical, Laboratory, Research, and development testing and measurement instruments in Ethiopia and East Africa. We are based in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa representing world-class companies around the Globe.

We represent companies whose brands have an excellent reputation and who stands by their products and after sales services. All companies we represent have Full certification by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO 9001:2008) and manufacturer warranty, which reflects our commitment to excellence.

Tay Test Engineering Solutions provides test and measurement solutions to customers from wide-ranging fields including research and development, product design, industrial maintenance, electronic field service, production line testing, and the educational community, among others. Universities and technical schools also have made instruments that we supply standard equipment in their training programs.

Tay Test Engineering Solutions is backed by personnel with extensive and diverse experience in the test engineering field. At TAY Test Engineering Solutions, we know exactly your needs as our vast experience comes from Electrical, Electronics, Telecom, Laboratory, Data com and industrial fields. We assure you that each of selected products will benefit you because of its features, quality, and affordable pricing. In general, our experience allows us to be more flexible and adapt to your specific needs.

Our Goal

To supply Electrical & Electronics, Communication and Medical equipment testers. Provide consultancy and operator training. We also aim at introducing test equipment calibration services. We strive to provide creative Test Engineering Solutions that maximize our customers’ competitive edge and make them more successful. After all, their success is the source of our satisfaction.
Our Value

We are committed to establish a business relationship with our customers that will last long, and we promise to treat our customers professionally and with courtesy. We also provide after sales services and give training on equipments that are new to the market. We also bring specialists from abroad to give free training for our clients.

Our Clients

From the Government and private sectors are Ethio-Telecom, Metals Engineering Corporation, Ethiopian Airlines, Quality and Standard Authority, National Tobacco Enterprise (Ethiopia) S.C., Electrical Agency, BGI Ethiopia PLC, Messobo cement factory and different Universities and Technical Institutions.

We offer high quality testing devices carefully selected from well-known manufacturers located around the globe. This gives us a wider products selection coupled with excellent product quality and competitive pricing. We provide test equipment for fault identification and monitoring of power quality, ground resistance, cable, LAN, network, insulation etc.

TAY TEST ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS has been in business for seven years, founded by experienced Professional Electrical Engineer who comeback from the U.S. bringing his high-level knowledge and longtime experience to share with his people.

Tay Test is committed to continue supplying quality industrial test equipment with excellent price from the best manufactures in the world to meet the changing demand in Ethiopia for a new and emerging technology.